Healthy Immunity is Your Best Defense

The right raw materials can…double or triple the protective power of the immune system.”

— Joel Fuhrman

Assisting our bodies in recovering and defending against illness is the only job the immune system has.

Health problems like obesity and metabolic diseases are often associated with diets high in sugar, meat, and dairy products. Our immune system can also be weakened by their consequences as they cause a tremendous imbalance.

When we consume unnutritious foods regularly, our immune defense is compromised, much like how fortresses are damaged by intruders. A weakened immune system can also increase the risk of recurrent illnesses.

Healthy Family
Healthy family

How Does Immunity Keep Us Healthy?

Your body should be regarded as a well-planned fortress. We have an internal defense system that silently protects us from potential harm every day. This system is capable of defending itself and repairing itself if challenged.

Every cell in our body plays a specific role in helping protect us from harm, like an army of protectors. In case our body is damaged, our cells assist in repairing it. That is why nutritious food is essential. Our cells require the following nutrients:

  • Macronutrients
  • Micronutrients
  • Phytonutrients
Nutritional food for healthy immune system.

As part of these three broad categories, we are aware of the specific importance of protein, healthy essential fats such as omega-3, fiber as microbiome support, vitamins and minerals that support our body in optimal health, and, naturally, plant-based nutrients.

This teaches us that whether it is vitamin A, D, or C, minerals like Magnesium or Zinc, or antioxidants from plants or protein – our cells need the right balance of nutrients to do the job they were meant to do.

Consuming a balanced diet with the right vitamins, minerals, and nutrients while maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the best way to keep your immune system working fine and doing what it is meant to do: defend your body

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